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Argriculture Management

The global population is always growing year by year and is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2030. Feeding such a large population naturally requires tremendous effort in agriculture productivity. This can only be achieved in revolutionary machineries, business process re-engineering and of technology solutions.

The current agriculture industry is pressured by various challenges that impact its productivity, namely weather, natural disaster, soil type/moisture, genetic variation, to even large geospatial dispersion, etc.

Ranging from consulting service, end-to-end agriculture solution implementation to managed-services, we have helped many agriculture businesses of different sizes in responding and adapting quickly to unpredictable, up-to-the-minute changes in information, whether it's on a global level, or the next cube over.

The agriculture business ecosystem has a substantial amount of data that flows around within its ecology. The processing of information entails manipulating data to change it from a less useful form to a more useful form. This computational activity turns the binary 1s and 0s of the data world into information that can be used by humans. Hence, modeling and data mining play extremely vital role in this agriculture business application.

The purpose of modeling is to represent the physical world in computational simulations, which can provide a basis for making predictions. Currently, our Agriculture Management Suite of solution offers various types of models, each tailored to a specific use and community. For example, models of genetics are associated with bio-informatics. Models of nutrients and water flow throughout a field may be cued to in-field growth models and used to predict yields. Models can also be used to predict the behavior of the overall supply chain. Even though the accuracy of these models is often debated, they are useful for scenario-based planning and decision-making.


data mining

Our data mining uses techniques that have been fine-tuned over years in the agriculture industry for extracting knowledge and information from unstructured data sets.

Through the rapid automated modeling framework, you can have all your structured and unstructured data relationship bridged across all your applications and database in no time. You can better leverage on the analytics to focus on decision-making, offloading all the complex data acquisition and integration work to the data mining automation.


data tagging

Through data-tagging protocols and search patterns, we are able to tease out hidden relationships to predict trends in agricultural processes. Our pure data-mining approach would make possible inferences based solely on data, thereby eliminating the need for developing infrastructure associated with modeling.

By using a combination our technical/functional expertise and agriculture software technologies, agriculture businesses should be able not only to predict behavior, but also to gather enough information to determine whether the predictions are accurate. Moreover, macro-scale models and data frameworks can be incorporated into local, high-resolution models and data frameworks to clarify overall supply chain behavior.


data analytics

Using analytics techniques, our agriculture solutions turns data into past, present and future views of your organization’s operations and performance so your decision makers can capitalize on opportunities and minimize risks. 

For instance, you will have the ability to monitor crop growth trials in several different fields and select useful genetic varieties for market in a time frame suitable for future planting seasons. You can use these views to understand the immediate and downstream effects of decisions that span potentially complex interrelated factors. Consistent snapshots of business performance are provided in enterprise-class reports and independently assembled dashboards based on trusted information. As a result, non-technical and technical business intelligence (BI) users and IT alike can respond quickly to rapidly changing business needs. 

Our agriculture software solution covers all aspects in the agriculture lifecycle. Every module within the system is extensively researched by agriculture technical and functional. Further, equipped with a full-fledged agriculture operation management activities, Primalcom Agriculture Management Solution has the end-to-end capabilities to help you manage your data and content, pull together trusted information that cuts across diverse silos, and also gain valuable insights to optimize your agriculture business. Our solution features:



Comprehensive reporting for efficient and effective control measures



In-built controls to guide accurate input of operational data


cost control

Approval of all costing and pricing within estates for better operational control



Automatic instant notification (email, SMS, IM, etc.) for close to real-time information flow



Collation of revenue and cost data relative to every operational activity for more management efficiency


data integration

Integration of multiple databases enables users from different business functions the ability to retrieve, view, and renew data with a single update

Sports & Gaming

We help customers achieve better, faster, smarter software delivery. Our experience in delivering software combines the best practices with more traditional project and program management frameworks to achieve these outcomes on projects of various size, complexities & geographical locations around the world.

Game titles

We work with various game providers in offering more than one hundred different game, some of which are customizable, to suite your market needs.
Our game titles range from slots, roulettes, poker, baccarat, casino war, arcade-related and many more with progressive jackpot feature. We offer both off-the-shelf and custom-built game titles, which are integrable to any third-party gaming management systems. 

live games

Your valued customers can now enjoy real-time game entertainment through our live-feed games. Featuring high-resolution video feeds, all feeds are rendered through the most reliable live game operators around the region for optimal gaming experience. Live game allows seamless integration with your existing gaming platform and any web-based game management solution.

game management

our game management solution features single sign-on (SSO) to provide users the ease-of-use without jeopardizing the powerfulness and functionalities needed in a gaming platform. Through intuitive design, we provide operators to manage their business, analyze player behaviors to even monitor and review their player’s behavior at the fingertip. With the in-built marketing feature, operators can apply reward campaigns (e.g.: coupon, etc.) based on their changing needs. Our features include operator accounts and credit-control, reporting, payment processing, etc. Our management solution can meet gaming operators manage their game offerings, while allowing operators to custom its features/ functionalities to meet their unique business needs.


Our sportsbook suite of solution offer comprehensive features, including live bets, live sports odd feeds, wagering pattern, risk management, etc. Our  web-based solution allows seamless integration with any third party game management solution and any web applications. What’s more it is tablet and smartphone optimized.

virtual sports content

Our virtual sports content allows integration with our Game Management Solution suite of product. Operators can have full control of the odds to meet their business needs. We provide both off-the-shelf and custom built virtual sports contents to cater for your very business needs.

custom solution

We offer our custom-made solutions, based on your business processes, tailored made to fit into your unique business needs. With our subject matter experts on board, we have successfully developed custom solutions that clued into gaming industry of various types. 

Seaport Management

Seaport works similar to airport, and may be considered as one of the busiest yet toughest to manage line of transportation zone. Their daily operation seems too routine- to ensure that an uninterrupted 24/7 loading and unloading of sea-transported goods. Yet operators who are trying to monetize need to pay great attention especially on hazardous goods, in compliance with international regulation, which are transported in/out from their operation zone, despite maintaining a highly efficient business operation.

Featuring a complete suite of modules handling all aspects of port related processes and functions; Primalcom Seaport Suite of Solution can help ports to improve their business operations at a lower operating cost. Ranging from front office, back office, operations, Primalcom Seaport Solution architecture is designed according to industrial best practices to optimize all aspect of our clients’ business operation needs, as all the administrative operations are all monitored through a user-friendly application, ranging from planning, security, to maintenance.

Built around SOA architecture, Primalcom Seaport Solution is scalable, robust and flexible enough to allow customization and integration onto other existing systems to better fit on client’s needs. With all the information exchange intact, seaport business operation can be optimized to achieve highest throughput and profits.



Monitor and analyze maritime traffic in real-time, e.g.: ETA, actual arrival, and notify customers through smartphone apps or SMS



Vessel information are seamlessly integrated into the seaport management ecosystem, including warehouse management and transportation to generate reports based on historical record



Detailed manifests with powerful indexing feature that enable seamless data search, e.g.: country of origin, vessel berthing and departure position, ETA, etc.



Security surveillance that populates all across seaport to be displayed through hi-resolution huge screen display at central command center



RFID technology to keep track of containers in real-time, enabling seamless information flow across terminal operation, yard management, warehouse and transportation management


Asset management

Asset management to keep track every aspect of maintenance, equipment lifecycle, labor cost/spare parts and pinpoint maintenance deadlocks by analyzing frequent failure codes