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Data Security

A safer data dimension

Organizations of any sizes are facing security challenges that evolve rapidly. And data breach is considered one of the most usual yet costly security disasters in most business organizations. As data moves freely between mobile devices to corporate networks and cloud, the incremental growth of data breach has reached a nerve-racking stage. What is more disturbing is that victims may not realize of being attacked. The ever-changing security threats are making business organizations difficult to stay secure.

Our end-to-end solution allows you to transform your legacy system into a full-blown business solution through our span of consulting and implementation experience in Forms, Reports, Workflow, APIs, and PL/SQL, Oracle Fusion Middleware, BPEL, Oracle Application Development Framework, BI (XML) publisher, XML gateway, EDI, OAG, and APEX. Our professional service offerings include:
Assessment: assessment will be conducted based on existing business application, business processes, business requirement; after which findings will be matched against industry best practices for gap analysis and recommendation of corrective actions
Project Planning: Project planning involves in enterprise applications strategy and planning to identify Oracle EBS modules that best meets your business objectives
Design & Implementation: we will design solution architecture based on your current business needs prior to implementation rollout, ultimately ensuring business processes and data quality are optimized
Maintenance support: including on-going support, system health-check, technology assurance, application/new service add-ons, customization service, technology refresh, etc.
Training services: we offer onsite and offshore classroom-based training services, including technology walk-through, custom syllabus (project specific) trainings to meet your learning needs.

Primalcom Data Security suite of solutions has the right solutions in addressing your data security needs. Based on our industry best practices in data security, our suite of solutions can help you in data integrity and availability across your organization. Our data security solutions covers:

Data Loss Protection: using industry-leading software, we are able to ensure that highest security on your end-point devices. Our solution ensures that your data is inaccessible when device is lost/stolen, while providing protection against sensitive data exchange, e.g.: email, instance messaging, through encryption. With our rapid deployment framework, we ensure that your data loss protection implementation is free from hassle.

Network Protection: our experienced security consultants are able to provide you with a risk-balanced consulting and advisory prior to any security investment, be it managed service or turnkey basis using industry-leading software/appliance-based solutions, which include firewalls, Virtual Private Network (VPN), IPVPN, intrusion detection and prevention

DDoS/DRDDoS: we provide both managed service and turnkey option for DDoS and more recent DRDDoS protection in the most cost effective way to suite your business needs.

Prior to any security implementation, our data security consultants can help you assessing your organization data security policies, and infrastructure needed to establish a security strategy that fits your unique business needs. Further, we offer health check and risk management consulting service to identify threats and vulnerability within your business organizations, e.g.: data, applications, network systems, etc. Throughout this program, you will gain better insights on your security blink-spot, weaknesses and areas of potential attacks so that immediate corrective action can be carried out.