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Digital Mall

Mobile apps made easy


Within the industry there is a decline in voice call and text services rates as more users move to the Net over a cheaper voice over IP (VoIP) and mobile messenger services, thus it becomes important for operators to gain full control over the value chain in order to provide the best user experience and to remain profitable. Aside from voice call and text services, operators can now benefit and profiting by application sales revenue and connectivity (user access fee). 


We offer Mobile Digital Mall platform for operators as part of our mobile marketing solutions this year. The Digital Mall is designed independent of handset brand or delivery platforms which give subscribers an opportunity to enjoy applications from computers, mobile phones, iPads, and other devices across multiple platforms.

Through our solution, operators will be able to modify on their business logic to better suit their business needs, including on payment methods. Also the system allows the Operators to customize the user experience to fit their customer and brand.

Our end-to-end solution allows you to transform your legacy system into a full-blown business solution through our span of consulting and implementation experience in Forms, Reports, Workflow, APIs, and PL/SQL, Oracle Fusion Middleware, BPEL, Oracle Application Development Framework, BI (XML) publisher, XML gateway, EDI, OAG, and APEX. Our professional service offerings include:
Assessment: assessment will be conducted based on existing business application, business processes, business requirement; after which findings will be matched against industry best practices for gap analysis and recommendation of corrective actions
Project Planning: Project planning involves in enterprise applications strategy and planning to identify Oracle EBS modules that best meets your business objectives
Design & Implementation: we will design solution architecture based on your current business needs prior to implementation rollout, ultimately ensuring business processes and data quality are optimized
Maintenance support: including on-going support, system health-check, technology assurance, application/new service add-ons, customization service, technology refresh, etc.
Training services: we offer onsite and offshore classroom-based training services, including technology walk-through, custom syllabus (project specific) trainings to meet your learning needs.


Operators have existing assets that will support and simplify their process of initiating an application store. They have unique and durable assets to offer that others will find difficult to repeat, including detailed analytics on both subscriber behavior and network traffic; refined business support systems including billing relationships with all their customers, and a concrete reputation for providing secure and trusted services.

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Primalcom Digital Mall solutions feature:

   – Developer Portal: storefront portal for developer
   – Apps Storefront: storefront portal for apps user
   – Billing: storefront billing portal for operator

On the content developer part, they can arrive at wider audience because Operators within Primalcom Digital Mall will one way or the other add more layers of distribution by opening their mobile application store to content developers. Primalcom Digital Mall enables any local developer to test their app with Operators existing subscribers, which in effect will increase Operators profitability, discoverability and usability.

In short, it is the new avenue for local application developers to showcase their application at country and regional level that can fast track Operators venture into this space.

On the front end, the system serves as a platform to push applications to subscribers. It acts as an online shopping mall that hosts various types of applications and it is the very place subscriber’s interface with the operator’s application store. As subscriber’s adaptation to operator’s app store grows, it is only natural for the subscribers to increase on the frequency of their purchase. In effect, when the subscribers purchase more app from the app store, they will be encouraged to upgrade for different data subscription plan that suits different application requirements.

Operators have an established and trusted billing relationship with their subscribers, which there is a ready billing and payment system for the app store. Digital Mall comes with prepaid and post-paid payment options instead of a payment via credit cards that are open for fraudulent abuse. This permits all subscribers to enjoy applications with the absence of security issues of online purchase. Application purchases can be charged directly to the subscriber’s scheduled (e.g.: monthly) bill.

At the same time, having a direct billing relationship with the Operator allows subscribers to reach the Operator for assistance and settlement as in the event of issues arising from the purchase of applications.