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Document Management

Enabling business by managed document

Data information is seen as crucial importance in any business across all industries. Most of the business organizations in today’s digital era are scattered in various locations (application database, email, portal device,  emails, hardcopy documents, etc.) in an unstructured formats (text, image, video, etc.).

As technology advances, data information growth is something that we are able to image. Accessing data information has become a rather daunting task in such era. While business organizations rely on data to deal, any missing piece may lead to potential damage to their business.

Primalcom Document Management System ensures that all your business information is stored, indexed according to workflow in a centrally secured storage so that information can be delivered at any time and anywhere, for any decision-making. 

Primalcom, through consulting service and software solutions, helps organizations to capture process and manage their business documents more efficient and securely. The process of converting business documents to electronic versions makes work easier and simpler. We focus on providing document and form-driven solutions with our integrated suite of solutions, including:

     - Content & Data Capture

     - Document & Records Management

     - E-Form & Business Process Management

     - Variable Data Output Management

     - Report Mining Solutions

     - Communication Workflow Server

     - Enterprise Search & Knowledge Management

Primalcom Document Management Suite of solutions stands out from its rivals due to the following technology merits:

- Self-executable and configurable once the set up is started

- Importation of files from different formats like text (both delimited and fixed length), spread sheet, MS access database etc., coupled with flexibility to merge the name and addresses while importing the data along with some inbuilt routines for data cleaning. Once the related data is imported the tool should be able to append fresh data with the existing data in a logical manner.

- Search capability to search the data on name and address with the capability to overcome different variations in the names and addresses on account of spelling mistakes, initials/ expansions, sequence variation, typos, missing/extra parts, concatenation etc.

- Configurable to control the depth of search in all parameters

- Ability to locate and link all the associated entities including any well from the data based on other related fields

- Results ranking based on the relevancy with the best results coming at the top.

- Reporting mechanism for displaying the results as also a query based MIS, with query results exportable to RTF/databases/spreadsheet/multiple format

- Archiving and audit trail

Our full lifecycle information and content management solution comprises of:

     -Document and records management

     -Data Mining & Reporting

Our enterprise wide application runs on web environment, thus, allowing the ubiquity of web browser and allows the convenience of using web browser as client. Our suite of Document Management solution delivers an intuitive, consistent and modern user experience for business users as well as experienced knowledge workers who have specific content application requirements.