Simplified data processing through architecture scalability

Rapid deployment, flexible architecture, powered by technology agility

Distributed intelligence and interoperability

Robust, interoperability, scalability and agility solutions powerhouse


our background

We at Primalcom are a team who are seriously interested in how the business process and technology will change the way we connect, communicate and interact.


Key differentiators

Our goal is to create seamless data experience solutions to help businesses achieve their sales, consumer engagement and business operations.


Our Partners

Together with our technology and solution partners, we provide the highest customer engagement through technology breakthrough with the leverage of ever booming data trends.

Agile Technologies

Technical Services


Cloud Ecosystem

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Network Migration

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Managed Service

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High Availability 

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Consulting & Integration

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Database Optimization

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Technology Services 

Focussing only on the truly essential parts of application services

We know what’s essential for a unique piece of modern application!

Application Services

architecture & integration

Through years of experience coupled with industrial best practices, our consultants help clients blend the best sets of business processes, methodologies, design and architecture that fits best into your IT organizations. This includes IT infrastructure and/or applications blueprints, roadmaps, to even sets of policies and procedures that will be used as basis for legacy system transformation to ensure that business values are optimized. 

data integration

Data and technology correlates. As technologies advanced, organizations introduce changes to their business applications, and data grows in along with their business growth in an unprecedented way. Organizations roll out data warehousing initiative that spans over months, if not years, given a particular introduction in change. 

application modernization

While most organizations are trying to maximize their ROI through the use of technology solutions, yet there are more than 50% of the corporate organizations in the world are still running on legacy systems. This means that most organizations are producing less productivity than they are supposed to deliver. 


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